How to Make Matty Matheson's Ultimate Burger Recipe
by Munchies
2 days ago ∗ Views: 578,379
Matty Matheson already showed us how to make the perfect cheeseburger, way back in 2014. In 2018, he's back again, doing the impossible and improving ...
How to Make a Bologna Bowl with Matty Matheson
by Munchies
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Are you ready to experience the greatest Matty Matheson recipe of all time? It's a microwaved bologna bowl. Yep. All you need is a few slices of bolog...
How to Make Braised Pork with Kimchi Pete
by Munchies
2 weeks ago ∗ Views: 84,912
As his name suggests, Kimchi Pete is a master of fermented cabbage. He shows us how to make an unnervingly easy braised pork with two-month-old kimchi...
How to Cook Honey-Glazed Lamb Chops
by Munchies
2 weeks ago ∗ Views: 89,060
We met Chef Salam Dakak at her warm and cozy restaurant, Bait Maryam in Dubai, to have her show us how to prepare a very special dish of her own ...
How to Make Matty Matheson's Favorite Chicken Cacciatore
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Matty Matheson has a brand new cookbook! He's in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen showing us how to make his mother-in-law's chicken cacciatore recipe. Serve...
How to Dress Up a Frozen Pizza
by Munchies
3 weeks ago ∗ Views: 128,814
A frozen pizza is a nearly perfect food, but Cara Nicoletti knows a few tricks to truly take it all the way. Just add sautéed mushrooms, broccoli rab...
Todos los Tacos: Traditional Barbacoa and Pulque
by Munchies
4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 111,532
To learn everything about traditional barbacoa, our host, Francisco Gómez travels to Actopan, Hidalgo in central-eastern Mexico. But first, Francisco...
How to Make Mustard-Braised Chicken
by Munchies
4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 94,895
Full Recipe Here: https://vice.video/2pqy5MJ We've created the best one-pan recipe of all time—mustard braised chicken thighs. This weeknight-friend...
Delicious Terrines and Drunk Tattoos: Chef’s Night Out in Switzerland
by Munchies
1 month ago ∗ Views: 45,422
In the first ever Swiss edition of Chef's Night Out we follow Chef Moritz Stiefel and his buddies on a night out through Luzern. The next day he wakes...
How to Make Hennessy Shrimp 3 Ways with Meyhem Lauren
by Munchies
1 month ago ∗ Views: 405,266
Meyhem Lauren is back in the MUNCHIES test kitchen to make his dreams come true by combining his two eternal loves: Hennessy and shrimp. Prepare to .....
Craft Cocktails with Frank the Mixologist: Eatin' It (Episode 3)
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In the third episode of MUNCHIES' first scripted sitcom series, James befriends Frank the mixologist, who shows him it's all about following the heart...
How To Shell Out the Perfect Clambake
by Munchies
2 months ago ∗ Views: 127,794
At MUNCHIES, we love social events--you know, like, mixers, formals, clambakes, and trips to the Cape (in our case, Long Island). Culinary Director Fa...
How To Make a Perfect Patty Melt with Chris Kronner
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We're making the ultimate patty melt with Chris Kronner of KronnerBurger and author of the cookbook A Burger to Believe In. Chris shows us two techniq...
East Village Sake, Mac and Cheese, & Karaage Sliders: Chef’s Night Out with Karasu
by Munchies
2 months ago ∗ Views: 89,197
Co-Chefs Elena Yamamoto and Yael Peet of Brooklyn's Karasu leave their small izakaya kitchen for a night of sake, pasta, and more pasta. The night out...
How To Make Miki Noodles with Sheldon Simeon
by Munchies
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Sheldon Simeon brings some 808 flavor to the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen with his take on one of his favorite family recipes, miki noodles. With ham hock, c...