How Russ Built His Brand
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Q: What was your strategy for growing your following? The important thing to remember when trying to gain a following is to be consistent. You're prob...
What Is Good Content for Your Business?
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Q: Should you be sharing your personal life and opinions when you have an audience and business to maintain? There are plenty of topics you can talk a...
How to Achieve Work Life Balance
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Q: How can I balance work and life better? You can not spend your time dwelling on past choices and what could have been. You will never know what wou...
Are eSports Real Sports
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Q: How are eSports going to impact streaming? Neither eSports or streaming are going away anytime soon. While they do complement each other and are ri...
The Biggest Mistake Most Twitch Streamers Are Making
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Q: What do upcoming streamers focus too and not enough on? For streamers on Twitch and any other platform, the problem many creators face is ...
Gary Vaynerchuk’s Strategy for Dominating Twitch or Any New Platform
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Q: How can you reverse engineer content for Twitch? Reverse engineering for Twitch is really the same process as any other platform. Think about the e...
How to Learn About Wine
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Q: What is something you want to tell everyone interested in learning about wine? Every industry has "experts" that are really just gate-keeping and i...
Power of Storytelling in Businesses
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Q: How do you add value to a small wine importer? Consumers want to feel close to the businesses they buy from. They want to know the story or the "wh...
Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
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Q: How can you stay innovative without a million dollar budget like larger competitors? To compete with the larger companies in your industry, you nee...
Why is Personal Branding Important?
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Q: How do you combat larger competition moving into your area? Whether it be lower prices, larger stores, more options or more employees, you are not ...
How to Separate Emotions from Business
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Q: Can you ever become too empathetic as a business? Empathy is really a double-edged sword. It acts as a great asset for a small business or startup ...
Don't Overthink Things
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Q: How do I find balance between work and creative? Everybody is judging themselves way to hard. Just getting out there and starting to do or create, ...
Who Should You Hire for Scaling a Business?
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Q: What is a practical way to scale a creative firm? Scaling your company can make or break you. You need to make sure that the people you are hiring ...
Creating a Niche Market With Media Critic Ken Auletta
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Q: I own a niche print publication and we're trying to expand into other cities. What is the best way to scale? You don't need a billion dollar idea t...
What Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship Have in Common
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Q: What have I learned from Hip-Hop culture that has transformed how I run my business? When it comes to hip-hop and music, the history and culture ha...